St. Teresa’s Peace and Social Justice Committee in Action: Immigration Rally

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A Reflection by Grace Rucker 

Leaving the immigration rally this afternoon, I am impassioned and energized to stand up for my beliefs, to take action for justice, and to make advocacy part of my identity. With thousands present in Daley Plaza, the rally today opened with a prayer led in the  Jewish tradition.  We heard song, poetry, and stories reflecting on the experience of seeking asylum. As a community, we stood together, truly feeling united in this belief that something must change - united in this horror we feel at the humanitarian crisis we are witnessing at our borders and within our own city as people are criminalized, deported, and detained. As thousands united for a cause, we marched from Daley Plaza to the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office, where this very weekend immigrants and asylum seekers will be detained as they are removed from their families by ICE raids. I’m proud of our St Teresa’s community for being present today - for taking action, for standing up for our beliefs, and for joining our larger community to work for justice.