Become a Member

Membership Benefits 

Parishes, institutions and individuals who join CSPL have the opportunity to benefit from membership in the following ways: 

  • Attend CSPL community organizing and leadership formation trainings that are fully grounded and inspired by the Catholic traditions.

  • Actively lead and participate in CSPL issue campaign work.

  • Develop a familiarity with Roman Catholic moral and theological positions on key issue areas that CSPL is addressing.

  • Establish and build relationships with parishes, communities and individuals outside of the member’s usual community setting.

  • Grow and develop the member’s personal and the community’s spiritual life through active participation in the various trainings and events that CSPL hosts to foster spiritual growth that leads to more spiritually grounded public leadership.

  • Increase the ability of the member’s parish or community to effect powerful social change and to actualize key tenets of the Catholic traditions in our local context by working collaboratively with CSPL’s membership base to address social, economic, racial and environmental justice issues.

Institutional Members 

Member organizations of CSPL are free to send representatives to the Membership meetings. The member representatives help keep the parish or organization apprised of the work of CSPL. They are also encouraged to network with other members of the CSPL to share the issues about which they are passionate. Through the membership meetings they can bring these issues to the attention of the CSPL Board of Directors.  There will be opportunities for interested members of affiliated organizations to join the CSPL issue committees and become active leaders in CSPL  

A commitment to annual membership dues to join CSPL must be made by the parish or organization’s leadership. The guideline for annual dues is based on the following scale: 

  • 5-50 members…………$100 - $350

  • 50- 500…………............$350 - $750

  • 500 – 1500………..……$750 - $1500

  • 1500 – 3000……...…….$1500 - $3000

  • 3000 + ………....……….$3000 - $5000

Please give at the level that corresponds to your institution's membership size. If you cannot give at this rate, please choose a membership contribution that suits your budget. If your organization can give more, thank you. 

Individual Members 

Individuals who do not belong to a congregation or organization have the opportunity to join and work with CSPL. Individual members can participate in leadership trainings and issue campaign work just as leaders from institutional members can. We highly encourage individuals to participate in CSPL’s work while also maintaining a deep commitment to the formation of communities that foster relationships, faith and civic formation. CSPL will provide support to individual members who want to form a committee that includes other individual members of CSPL as a means of enhancing participation at the membership level and to foster relationships and community for the ongoing work of organizing, leadership development and faith formation. 

Those who wish to join CSPL as an individual member can choose from one of the membership dues scale options below. We encourage you to consider what your finances allow for you to contribute on an annual basis based on your income level or capacity. For those who are unable to pay at any of these levels, we still want you to join! Please select the last choice and indicate how much you wish contribute. For those who are able to pay more, we encourage you to indicate how much you wish to contribute by choosing last choice.

Individual members dues scale is based on household income: 

  • Under $20,000……….….$20.00

  • $20,000 – 39,999………..$50.00

  • $40,000 – 59,999………..$100.00

  • $60,000 – 79,999………..$150.00

  • Income over $80,000……$300.00

  • Other amount ……………$( )

Should these amounts cause an undue financial hardship, CSPL will help. In order to assist those who need financial support, we would ask that members who are able to contribute more to please do so.

Have questions about membership?