Our Mission

The Coalition for Spiritual and Public Leadership (CSPL) works to create a more just Chicago and Church through grassroots campaigns to change racial, economic, social, and environmental structures by developing leaders rooted in and inspired by the Catholic traditions.

Primary Areas of Focus

  • Building power that restores right relationships in Chicago and the Church and revitalize local communities and congregations by calling all to hear Jesus’ prophetic witness and transform public life;
  • Engaging in strategic direct action and negotiation to address racial, social, economic, and environmental injustice;
  • Creating transformative community organizing and leadership development training grounded in the Catholic spiritual and theological traditions.
  • Cultivating a new generation of people of faith who will be spiritually grounded, inclusive, highly motivated and strategic public leaders.
  • Assisting individuals and organizations to obtain a clear vision of their calling and mission by providing spiritual formation rooted in the Catholic spiritual and theological traditions. 
  • Centering the leadership of women, people of color, immigrants and other historically marginalized peoples in our discernment practices and in our actions setting right what the forces of our society’s various “isms” have distorted (racism, sexism, ethnocentrism, to name a few).
  • Stewarding the resources of the organization in a way that demonstrates our ethical commitment to the common good.
  • Reflecting thoroughly and generously following action and displaying a clear commitment to transformational organizing within and without.
  • Collaborating generously with churches, interfaith organizations, labor unions, and community organizations.